Telephone leads also offer results!

A lot of traffic obviously reaches your website or webshop via search engines like Google. But how do you, on a 24/7 basis, determine the number of leads that call you using a phone number displayed on your website, webshop, landing page or AdWords campaign? These also offer results. Is this a tricky issue for you? can help!

Data is king!

In today’s world, commercial data is crucial. Managers, marketers and online marketing agencies need ever-increasing amounts of data to understand their (online) sales and communication channels and meet their targets. Yet, strategic online decisions are made on the basis of incomplete business intelligence. VoIP Analytics© adds incoming calls to your Google Analytics overview. Measuring everything equals even more know-how: Data is King!


Arranged in an instant

Request a VoIP telephone number now and post this telephone number on your website, webshop, landing page and/or AdWords campaign. Then send the unique Google Analytics code (UA code) to us along with the desired parameters. We will set these parameters. Now set up a ‘phone call’ goal in Google Analytics with the help of the tutorial that we will send you. That’s it!

VoIP Analytics© adds incoming calls to your Google Analytics overview.


By using different phone numbers, you can determine exactly which online channel or campaign yields the most telephone leads. Smart data that you can use to make your campaign or content strategy even more effective!

Advantages VoIP Analytics




Incoming calls become visible and trackable



Make strategic online decisions on the basis of a complete dataset


New KPI’s

Phone calls become a new KPI in your AdWords campaign


Simple integration

Simple integration in Google Analytics, even directly from WordPress



Inexpensive: you are guaranteed extra (online) business intelligence for only € 5 per month!

Advantages VoIP Analytics

Who benefits from VoIP Analytics?


This solution is designed for companies, online marketing agencies and marketers that want to know how many leads originate from websites, webshops or AdWords campaigns. It is also often used by online marketing agencies that are paid on the basis of number of leads and would like insight into the effectiveness of various traffic sources and campaigns.

Companies, online marketing agencies and marketers benefits from VoIP Analytics!

For some time, I’ve been looking for an affordable solution for using Google Analytics to track the use of phone numbers posted on the website. We believed that it would be useful to track incoming calls made via the website in order to demonstrate our added value as an online marketing agency. Unfortunately, such solutions were too costly until recently. Thanks to, this is now available to anyone.

Alex van Ginneken

Internet Entrepreneur


Does your website run on WordPress? If it does, the free VoIP Analytics© plugin is a must-have. Start tracking your incoming phone traffic within a few minutes.

Quick service guaranteed


VoIP Analytics© is a service offered by Eilie, an involved and innovative telecoms company based in Groningen. The Eilie team guarantees fast activation of your telephone number(s).

The Eilie team guarantees fast activation of your telephone number(s) & VoIP Analytics.


Do you operate on the basis of incomplete online business intelligence? Do your results just consist of visitors to your website or webshop? The specific tracking of incoming phone traffic creates unique insights and value. VoIP Analytics simply offers you the ideal solution!

Request a VoIP telephone number for your website, webshop, landing page or AdWords campaign within just 1 minute. Once it has been activated, your phone number can be tracked in Google Analytics. Phone calls become a KPI that matters! Ready to sign up? Order your VoIP telephone number here:

Order your VoIP telephone number(s) here

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